NEBOSH Courses With NIST

The value of life is evoked if it happens to face an unforeseen incident. Natural calamities, industrial accidents, domestic incidents, road accidents and other such traumas occurs every now and then. Besides the consequence of disaster, the significant contributing factors are human behaviour and error such as complacency, ignorance, unwillingness etc., even precautionary & safety measures are planned after many lessons learnt. Considering the above facts, there are certain vocational courses conceptualize the situation and provide adequate awareness to be safe.
NEBOSH is one among the leading organisation in providing enough awareness on occupational safety and health hazards and its safe working methods in various category of courses. They have awareness, award, certificate and diploma courses for the benefit of employees and employer of an organisation. Each course cater the need of professionals according to the severity and type of work. NEBOSH is one leading examination body with high integrity and standards in their examination served across of the globe in different languages. The recent development in Middle East, European and Asian countries contributed NEBOSH the “Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade” in 2014. NEBOSH is well recognized in Asian countries since 2010 through their active course providers.
NIST is one of the largest organisation in India actively delivering NEBOSH courses since 2009. They have served more than 22000 certificates for various NEBOSH courses predominantly for NEBOSH IGC with more than 7000 students. NIST has accomplished its 300th batch in direct face to face training in NEBOSH IGC with the average of 22 students in each batch. NIST has adopted to the rapid growth of NEBOSH in terms of policies, protocols and work in line with NEBOSH requirements. NIST has high expertise of trainers who are adequately qualified, experienced and approved with NEBOSH. The core front end trainer team helps to deliver the training with good results ranging from 50 to 77% for IGC. NIST is also proud to declare that they are the most preferred organisation for major MNC’s in India to nominate their employees for various NEBOSH Courses. So far NIST has served more than 120 corporates’ for NEBOSH and other HSE courses.
In December 2015, NIST has reached around 520 professionals for NEBOSH International Diploma which is one of the benchmark for course providers in India. In an average, 100 to 120 people prefer to register NEBOSH International Diploma with NIST every year. There is a golden opportunity to receive the graduation from Warwick University in U.K upon the successful accomplishment of all the 4 units. NIST also offers blended learning method to simplify the learning methodologies. Individual guidance is also allotted for students who need specific one-one clarification.
NIST also deals with NEBOSH HSW an award level qualification for entry level professionals. There is good response from youngsters who aspire their career in Safety. In the short span of 3 months, NIST delivered training for around 60 students. These courses are also supported by other international equivalent courses which provide strong fundamentals in Safety. Organizations like IOSH, CIEH should also be mentioned here because of their grounding made easier for undergraduate. NIST has also celebrated its 300th IOSH MS batch in Chennai. NIST Served 200+ IOSH MS certificates for Voltas in short span with excellent feedback. Fundamental courses in Safety like Risk Assessment and Fire Safety are strongly delivered from the oldest organisation in U.K which is CIEH. NIST has also added feather to its cap in celebrating 200th Risk Assessment batch last November.
NIST also facilitated the students who completed NEBOSH IGC & other courses with placement services. NIST alumni work for various reputed organisation spread across the globe whose testimonials played vital role in our business credentials. Most of the NIST alumni after witnessing high standard of training services act as our brand ambassadors since then. With its professionalism, NIST plays major role in providing career opportunities, upgrade in remuneration and designation development.
We invite engineers, young aspirants who wish entry or enhance their career in safety to undertake the occupational safety & health courses offered in NIST to have the dream job.
NIST further focus on quality and sustenance in the field of safety with innovative concepts for the growth of individual, organisation and the country. Safety is our passion hence we have framed our motto “we contribute to safety”. We will train you and assist you to keep the people and work place safer. We would also wish you to contribute the most indispensable and essential safety training and solutions for the accident free industrial world. NIST has emerged as the leader & largest provider of NEBOSH & other safety courses in India. As much as we revere safety, it is our people and team work that are our most valuable assets.

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